Starting Willapa Baking Company

The idea for what is now Willapa Baking Company began two years ago, far before we came up with a name, or even dreamed of opening an actual business.  It developed within our family,  parents Jon & Megan of South Bend, and their oldest daughter, Aliya.  As parents, we believe our children should have the freedom to pursue their interests, with the hope that such pursuits may lead to one of many aspects needed for a meaningful and fulfilling life.  We do our best to encourage our daughters in this regard...

For the last two years, Aliya has been learning to bake from her mother and both her grandmothers.  As she continues to learn new skills, she and Megan have spent countless hours "perfecting" various baking techniques, researching and developing their own recipes, and working to achieve their ultimate baking ambition--that of providing quality bakery goods to others.

One of the first baked goods Aliya learned was her grandmother's cardamom bread.  Using an old Finnish style recipe, Aliya learned through many attempts and began to gradually produce a better and better pulla.  Eventually, Aliya began to innovate and created her own version of a cardamom bun.  Desiring to share her bread with others, Aliya's first public reveal was at the 2018 Finnish American Folk Festival in Naselle, Washington.   After days of baking and preparation, she and a friend shared with the festival patrons a variety of cardamom-based items---and every single one sold.

Aliya's dad realized that for his daughters to develop their passion for baking, they needed a structure to do so in a manner that allowed them to share their baked goods with others.  Megan became excited for the opportunity to help Aliya further her growth as a baker, and to work with her to start a business.  Out of all of this, Willapa Baking Company was born.

Willapa Baking Company presently bakes a variety of wholesale seasonal items, including scones and cookies, as well as weekly cinnamon rolls.  We sell limited retail seasonal items, such as pies and cardamom bread.

At this time, Willapa Baking Company does not operate a retail storefront.  We bake out of a commercial baking facility located in South Bend, Wa, licensed through the Washington State Department of Agriculture and FDA as a commercial food processor.

The bakers can be reached at